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I wish we still had a couch. I wish we still had carpet. I wish there was some kind of comfortable seating in front of the TV :/ There's like no furniture, and I feel like I'm living in one of those sitcoms where the newly graduated college student is just starting out their adult-life, complete with bills, work stress, and budgeting,

Aside from my complaining, I want to get back into journaling but I don't really know what to write about. My life isn't that interesting--well not on a daily basis.

I've gotten into podfics. It's honestly one of the best things ever, and it took me a while to get around to trying them since I have only ever listened to books during English class, half dozing off. But listening to a story of my favourite characters making out in closets and stumbling around in their awkward selves in audio format? Yes please, and anyway audiobooks were on the rise, so I figured "Why not audio fanficitons?" So I tried a Merlin fanfic, and I absolutely fell in love. lunchee's podfics are my favourites. I listened to her version of "Drasitcally Redefining Protocol", as well as pennyplainknits' "steinway verse" podfric, and I was hooked. I really do recommend at least trying to listen to a podfic from a fandom that you really enjoy. I have h9onestly went through so many podfics that I can;t even keep track some of them.

KPOP: Oh my, where to begin?

Well first off Kibum is no longer a part of Super Junior, officially. I was sort of expecting this, but I am still a bit heart-broken. I just hope he is happy and doing what he loves, and if he ever decides to return to Suju I will welcome him with open arms. Hanchul has had a lot of surprising moments the past year I mean this, this, and this? I'm simply glad that they keep in contact. Their "Devil" album is awesome, it's so catchy! Donghae, Eunhyuk, and SIwon have gone to the army together, and joined Shingdong and Sungmin. Yesung had returned from the army in May. So I suppose there's a handful of Suju member left who have yet to enlist in the army. Then of course, Choi Siwon had retweeted Donald Trump's tweet against gay marriage/rights. I wasn't that surprised that he felt that way since he and his family are devoted Christians, but I still think he should have known what the reprucussions would've been by doing that (plus he just is contradicting everything he says by being all homo erotic on stage... -_-). Henry was on WGM, but unfortunately his appearance was cut short becuase of his virtual wife's controversy, and I was really enjoying him being married too... Zhoumi... I wonder if he's still doing his radio shows or not, but he did release his album last year... yeah, I miss him. Finally, the uh... newest tidbit on Super Junior is that on November 6, on Super Junior's 10th annoversary, SM has officially opened a sub label dedictated to Super Junior entirely. I'm assuming they've finally heard the voices of their fans to treat Super Junior with more attention, and I think this way Suoer Junior will most definitely have an efficient promotions from SM, since I read a lot of complaints from E.L.F.sI hope they stay together as a group as long as they are willing to.

f(x), well, they finally had their comback and they slayed it! My girls are so gorgeous, no one can even compare. "4 Walls" is definitely an exqusite album, show casing all of the girls talents (though Krystal does have a lot of centre stage screen time during music bank performances but whatever) Although I do worry about Luna, like she's lost a lot of weight. She's also been busy with her musical and she is doing aweomse, I mean can we really expect anything less from the power vocal? Seems like Victoria has been uber popular in China, to the point where the f(x) member's even refer to her as "Queen", though that really is her nickname in the fandom haha. Amber has started her own youtube channel, "What the Pineapple!". Iif you want to know why she picked that name, it's in one of her Q&A videos. Krystal has been on the DL since the whole SNSD thing happened. I just hope she tajking care of herself and focusing on what's important to her. I think she's getting ready to do another drama, so are Victoria and Sulli. Speaking of Sulli, she has officially left f(x) to focus on her general well-being, relationship, and acting. She seems a lot happier if her instagram is anything to go by. I'm glad she's well. Our girls have been busy, no? I'm very proud!

Shinee! Their "View" album... man, if you like f(x)'s "4 Walls", you will deinfitely like Shinee's "View". The "View" album was released back in May, around the same time as Big Bang's album (which I hope never happens again because I never want to experience the conflicting feeling of dedication). I really liked "View" as a song itself; and as the title track the sound was different from their normal electric dance pop they do.

Big Bang, the kings are back! "MADE" is honestly just--ugh I don't even know. I think it was a smart move on behalf of YG, or Big bang's part to promote four parts of the album individually. I think the promotions began in May and they're still on their world tour now! Even at teh MelOn Music Awards, it was basically a Big Bang conert, let's be real. I think they deserve all of the recognition and acknowlegdement they received. It just shows that it doesn't matter how long a band takes to release an album, or even if the band members all do solo activities, as long as they're musical interests and bonds are still entwined and firm, it's very possible. Look at Shinwa and G.O.D, they've reunited and done concerts. Heck Shinwa released an album this year and G.O.D. are getting ready for their new album,

Well I can honestly say that it has been a dramatic year for SM...

Running man, I have finally caught up to the latest episode. yes I cheated and skipped a few episodes but meh... you have to admit some of it gets repetitive. I loved one of the newer episodes where it was Kwangsoo's special, with the maze! Of course the "We are One!" episode nearly brought me to tears. It was just so touching, after five years, the shows and the members are still going strong.

Problematic Men, manthis show is pretty cool, though it's hard to follow if you're not fluent in Korean. I'm not quite that fulent where I can understand everything they're saying, nor in Abnormal Summit either, but I just love them, especially Tyler. I also really like Rap Monster, I wouldn't have expected him to be such a braniac, it's cool to see a different side of him.

I've also been watching anime again, not as much I a used to, but enough.

Haikyuu 2nd season, Junjour Romantica 3rd season, K! 2nd season, World Trigger, etc.Their good, though I'll probably be writing about them on my anime blog at ramyunbowl.wordpress.com.

Alright I think I've summed up a lot of what I wanted to write about pretty well. Plus my concentration is wavering and my fingers are getting tired to typing, haha. That's all for now, I'm pretty sure my next post will not be for a while (most likely will be my annual fandom post) so until then!
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