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09 July 2012 @ 12:14 am
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25 November 2015 @ 07:45 am
I wish we still had a couch. I wish we still had carpet. I wish there was some kind of comfortable seating in front of the TV :/ There's like no furniture, and I feel like I'm living in one of those sitcoms where the newly graduated college student is just starting out their adult-life, complete with bills, work stress, and budgeting,

Aside from my complaining, I want to get back into journaling but I don't really know what to write about. My life isn't that interesting--well not on a daily basis.

Fandom RamblingsCollapse )

Alright I think I've summed up a lot of what I wanted to write about pretty well. Plus my concentration is wavering and my fingers are getting tired to typing, haha. That's all for now, I'm pretty sure my next post will not be for a while (most likely will be my annual fandom post) so until then!
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21 May 2015 @ 11:32 am
Hmmm. where to begin. I have been ofline for so long, especially since I finally have super-high speed internet. It's awesome, but pricey, as expected. There are so many things that I have to get out, which most of them have to do with fandoms.

1) Big bang's comeback. Dude, I have no words to articulate my happiness.I mean it's been three years.Collapse )

2) Anime, dude, where the heck do I start. Gintama 2015, Junjou Romantica, Kuroko no Basuke, Ore no Monogatari (seriously though check this out), and Honto no Yajuu (this is my favourite for a while now, and I wish there would be an anime), too many...

3) University, like no, we're not getting into this.

4) GOT7, I can't. I just can't ;___; They're going to ruin me, seriously. Jaebum is like my bias, and I can't. Jackbum is my GOT7 otp, because if you even get a glimpse of their interactions it's just, ugh, Sure they can be like a brotop but they're my otp, but I can see why people prefer them just being their brotop. Markjin too. Like, JYP knows how to do his shiz.

5) SHINee's comeback! Yes. yes, yes, gimme Shinee, give me Onew, Give me Onho, Give me Jonghyun's dino face, Minho's prefect smile, Key's sassiness, and Taemin's ever growing maturity, (but he's always going to be my baby).

6) f(x)'s rumoured comeback. Okay, if this is just false assumptions, I'm going to flip a table. Their last comeback for 'Red Light' was waaaay too short due to various reasons, and I just hope they have a better year for their next comeback. I love them so much ;____; (Sulli comeback, we miss you) Stop teasing us--us, uh... what is f(x)'s fanclub name? OMG, WE DON'T HAVE A NAME! THIS WILL NOT SUFFICE, SM GET YOUR SH** TOGETHER.

7) SNSD there are too many things and I don't want to begin. Jessica, I miss her and I will always support her, end of story. SNSD I will always support them as well. I hope SNSD and Jessica can reconcile and reunite one day. Honestly I was just starting to get into SNSD, right when all of the Jessica thing started... ;___;

8) Super Junior, lots of solos, duos, and such things. Plus Hanchul sprinkled here and there. Kibum has yet to make an appearance yet again... -___- Marriages (virtual and real life *wink wink nudge nudge*) military listings and such.

9) Korean Variety shows, new ones and old ones i love: Hello Counselor, Superman Returns, Abnormal Summit, Running man, WGM, A Style For You, Beauty BIble (the new season with Kwanghee because the old one was waaay too scripted)

10) Gimme more AkMU YG. C'mon don't leave me hanging. Oh, and give Chanhyuk some scheduels, promos, and projects too, he needs more recognition.

11) Podfics. I never understood the appeal of audiobooks, since i have listened to a few books for school with my English class and I was falling asleep everytime. However, podifcs, a.k.a. audiobooks/versions of my favourite fanfiction with amazing narrators that aren't even getting paid but are doing it because they love the fic as much as I do... yes please.

12) On a fun note, I found out that I have the same birthday and Chinese zodiac sign, as Lee Hwijae! Dude I love him, and this was really cool.

This concludes my semi-long fandom rant. I wrote this, purely out of procrastination, since I'm stressing out a bit over other grown-up stuff, so I needed to clear my head a bit, thus, this post was born. 
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28 September 2013 @ 08:52 pm
I'm watching the NHL game with Toronto and Detroit. I don't know if it's the first game for the Leafs but I'm pretty sure it is :D Hockey is back baby!

I just miss Scrivens so much and Frattin too :( Watching the game, and knowing that they're both on the other side of the continent just breaks my heart Q____Q I'm going to go look them up and see how they're doing. I hope the sports channels I watch air the L.A. Kings games too.

Reimer is doing a good job though, and I'm proud of him, keep up the good work!

[update]: There's an L.A. game tonight at 10, but I don't if the sports channels I have will air it. (Don't have the fancy shamncy cable package with the sports section and etc)